......R E P A I R ..&.. R E S T O R A T I O N
As a guitarist and performing musician Andy knows how important it is to have an instrument that responds to the touch. There is nothing worse than something that is difficult to play or has some other fault which gets in the way of the music...all very frustrating ! 
Below is a list of just some of the services available for all fretted, and most unfretted instruments, including the Banjo, Mandoline, Ukulele and even the Balalaika and Sitar.
  • Set-up - All necessary adjustments inc. Nut Action, Intonation, Saddle Heights, Truss Rod, Oil the Fingerboard and Polish the Frets, and Service the Electrics where necessary.
  • Fretstone and Set up - Level and Reprofile the Frets etc.
  • Restringing 
  • Refrets
  • New Nuts and Saddles (mostly in bone, but vegetarians can be catered for)
  • New Necks and/or Bodies
  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar Pick-ups fitted
  • Electrical repairs
  • Broken Necks (guitars that is)
  • Refinishing
  • Pick-up rewinds
  • Custom scratch plates
  • Inlay work
If you can't see what you want please send an e-mail or call the workshop.
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Below are some of Andy's guitars that he gigs with on a regular basis and they're all routinely serviced and maintained by him in his workshop.
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Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty •
Gibson SG Junior •
Tokai Stratocaster
Andy always wanted a Gibson Les Paul Blonde...so he made one.